This is what we at NBN Allservice AB USE when moving house cleaning. We check by phone or email what exactly applies to you.

¤ Renovation of all windows and wiping of windows and blinds.

¤ Bathroom cleaning: toilet, sink, shower, bathtub etc, tile, glass walls / booths, walls, floor and floor wells and water trap.

¤ Washing machine / tumble dryer, if agreed.

¤ Cleaning of all kitchen appliances, cabinets, drawers, surfaces etc in the kitchen as well as fans, oven inside and water trap. We pull out a stove and fridge / freezer and clean under, behind, around and inside.

¤ In all rooms and halls, roofs, skirtings, moldings and walls are dusted / cleaned. Stains are wiped off. Floor moldings are vacuumed and wet-dried, doors and door liners are wiped with a damp cloth, the floors are vacuum-cleaned and wet-dried. All elements are cleaned as well as switches, electrical outlets and the like.

¤ All storage areas, stairs and wardrobes are cleaned.

¤ All mirrors and glass doors are polished.

¤ If necessary, open fireplaces, fireplaces, central vacuum cleaner containers, sauna.

¤ We clean garages, storage rooms, basements and balconies, if desired. 

Please ensure that the refrigerator and freezer are switched off and defrosted well in advance of the cleaning.

Look over what should be cleaned so that you have entered the correct number on windows, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. As well as the condition of the apartment / villa so that the quotation is consistent with the cleaning.
We hope the information we received is correct.
We look forward to performing the cleaning job at You.

If you have any questions about cleaning, working conditions or price then just ask. 

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