This is what we at NBN Allservice AB USE in large cleaning:


¤ Renovation of all windows and wiping of windows and blinds. 

¤ Bathroom cleaning: toilet, sink, shower, bathtub etc, tile, glass walls / booths, walls, floor and floor wells and water trap.

¤ Washing machine / tumble dryer, if agreed.

¤ Cleaning of all kitchen appliances, cabinets, drawers, surfaces, exteriors etc. in the kitchen, oven and fans and water locks. We pull out the stove and fridge / freezer and clean the outside.

¤ In all rooms and halls, roofs, skirtings, moldings and walls are dusted / cleaned. Stains are wiped off. Floor moldings are vacuumed and wet-dried, doors and door liners are wiped with a damp cloth, the floors are vacuum-cleaned and wet-dried. All elements are cleaned as well as switches, electrical outlets and the like.

¤ All storage areas, stairs and wardrobes are cleaned.

¤ All mirrors and glass doors are polished.

¤ If necessary, open fireplaces, fireplaces, central vacuum cleaner containers, sauna.

¤ We clean garages, storage rooms, basements and balconies, if desired. 

If you have any questions about cleaning, working conditions or price then just ask