Shiny clean windows!

Windows should be clean and clear and let in very lovely light. Unfortunately, they are often placed uncomfortably high above the ground and never get that shiny and fine - no matter how much you polish.


Our window cleaners are experienced, fast and offer affordable services. They give you shiny clean glasses without streaks, splashes or flames.


We have long experience!


It was with window cleaning that NBN Allservice AB started its operations a long time ago. We like to clean windows! When you hire us, you get professional window cleaners that make your home brighter, cleaner and more pleasant.


What does it cost?

You can quickly and easily find out what it costs to get your windows clean and nice. Just fill in your details below OFFERTFÖRFRÅGAN you will receive a quote on your mail as soon as possible.


How to order window cleaning

In the form below OFFERTFÖRFRÅGAN you fill in information about the number of windows to be cleaned as well as requests for any additional services to be included. Then select the window cleaning date before completing the order with contact details, address etc.


How is the window cleaning done?

We have all the equipment you need to clean your windows. We just need access to a ladder. If you have no ladder, just tell us we will bring one. We polish windows at all outdoor temperatures down to -16 degrees. If it rains and your windows open outwards, we re-book the time.


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