Really clean in depth

Large cleaning in every spring. Surely it is nice when you know that everything is basically clean? But it is tiring to do it yourself. It takes a lot of time and struggles on both back, hands and knees. Let our seasoned experts do it instead!

When we do a big cleaning, we strive to make your home feel like new. We clean everything where you do not clean regularly, even behind the elements and in the washing machine. You can choose to have large cleaning with or without window cleaning.

If your home gets a real big cleaning on a regular basis, then everyday cleaning becomes so much easier.


Large cleaning throughout Dalarna and Gästrikland!


The big cleaning takes care of the most difficult parts of your cleaning, those parts that you do not manage to do so often, but that facilitate the usual cleaning routines and give that extra clean feeling. We recommend that a home be cleaned a couple of times a year to keep the clean feeling.


What does it cost?

You can quickly and easily find out what it costs to clean your home. Just fill in your details below OFFERTFÖRFRÅGAN you will receive a quote on your mail as soon as possible.


Here's how to order large cleaning

In the form below OFFERTFÖRFRÅGAN you fill in information about the square meter area to be cleaned. Then you select the date for the cleaning before you complete the order with contact details, address etc.


How is the cleaning going?

When we arrive at the cleaning event, we have cleaning cloths, cleaning products and other equipment.


This is what we at NBN Allservice AB usually do at large cleaning.