Professional stair cleaning

A staircase should be clean, well maintained and welcoming. We have long experience of stair cleaning and know how to take care of all different surfaces as well as possible.


Stair cleaning in Dalarna and Gästrikland.


Increase the life of the property with professional stair cleaning

We take care of stair cleaning for several tenant-owner associations and property owners in Dalarna and Gästriskland.

A well-managed stairwell is not only nice to step into - a professional staircase cleaning also contributes to the longevity of surfaces and materials in the property.


Here's how to order stair cleaning

Fill in details of the current stairwells and the areas to be cleaned in the form below OFFERTFÖRFRÅGAN and supplement with your contact details, then we will return with a quote via email.


How is the stair cleaning going?

We bring all the equipment and need only access to electricity and water.


You decide how often the rooms should be cleaned. We carry out the work according to a schedule that is developed for your particular property. In this way, everyone knows what is included in the cleaning and when it is performed.

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