In a home renovation, new or renovation, a proper building cleaning is required to remove dirt and hazardous building dust before you and your family can live there. When the builders and craftsmen are finished, they just want to move their stuff in and get started with everyday life in their new home.


We're on NBN Allservice AB offers thorough, professionally done building cleaning that makes your home shiny and free of hazardous dust particles. Our building cleaning also includes window cleaning and washing of frames.

Our building cleaning includes a joint inspection check to make sure that the work is done to order and that you are satisfied with the result.


What does it cost?

You can quickly and easily find out what it costs to clean your home. Just fill in your details below OFFERTFÖRFRÅGAN you will receive a quote on your mail as soon as possible.


Here's how to order building cleaning

During OFFERTFÖRFRÅGAN you fill in your contact details, address, the square meter area of the building to be cleaned and information relevant to the cleaning. Then you also specify the date you want the cleaning to be done. You will then receive a quote on your mail as soon as possible.


How does building cleaning work?

We bring with you all the equipment needed for building cleaning. We perform the cleaning according to our service description and end with a joint inspection.