Moving cleaning contains many heavy, boring and complicated parts. The bathroom must be shiny clean all the way down to the floor drain. It must be cleaned behind both the stove and the fridge. Floor moldings, electrical outlets and door handles should shine. There are many details that must be perfectly clean for your moving cleaning to be approved. Let's take care of everything so you can focus on your new home!


What does it cost?

You can quickly and easily find out what it costs to clean your home. Just fill in your details below OFFERTFÖRFRÅGAN you will receive a quote on your mail as soon as possible.


Here's how to order moving cleaning

During OFFERTFÖRFRÅGAN There is a form, where you enter your information on how many square meters to clean. Before you complete your order, you must also fill in the date of the cleaning and contact details, address etc.


How is moving cleaning done?

We bring with you all the equipment needed for moving cleaning. We just need access to water and electricity. The cleaning will be carried out according to our service description.


  • All windows are decorated internally and externally (including between windows), including window frames and boards
  • Blinds are wiped off
  • The elements are wiped off, even the back
  • Doors, door handles and door frames are cleaned
  • Floor moldings and thresholds are cleaned
  • Wardrobes are cleaned and dried out, even outside and on top
  • Switches and wall plugs are wiped out
  • Shelves are cleaned and wiped
  • Cobwebs and stains are removed from walls and ceilings
  • Remaining lamps are wiped off
  • The floors are vacuum cleaned and wet-dried


  • Mirrors are polished and bathroom cabinets are cleaned
  • Taps and shower handles / shower mixers are descaled and cleaned
  • Washbasin / sink cleaned (also the underside)
  • Water pipes and pipes are wiped off
  • Bath / shower cabin is cleaned above, below and behind
  • All tiles are cleaned
  • Toilet and toilet seat are cleaned, including undersides
  • Floor wells and water locks are cleaned and cleaned
  • Floors are cleaned and water-dried
  • Washing machine, dryer and drying cabinet are wiped, if they belong to the home, loose parts are washed, filters are cleaned


  • Fireplace is cleaned and all surfaces behind the stove (floor, stove, cabinet and wall)
  • Oven, grids, plates and associated oven molds are cleaned
  • Closed, defrosted refrigerators / freezers are cleaned inside and outside as well as all surfaces around and below
  • Grates and compartments are cleaned / washed
  • Kitchen cabinets, drawers and hatches are wiped out, even on top of kitchen cabinets that do not reach the ceiling
  • Fan and fan cover are cleaned inside and out, filter washed / degreased
  • Cranes are descale and cleaned
  • Diskbänk avkalkas och rengörs, bänkskivor och skärbrädor rengörs
  • All tiles are cleaned
  • Dishwasher, which belongs to the residence, is cleaned inside and outside and its filters
  • Stains / grease splashes are removed from walls and ceilings
  • Remaining lamps are wiped off
  • The floors are vacuum cleaned and wet-dried
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